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I wish apk Swordigo download it should be extended or swordigo 2 . I am waiting and so exciting to play other if swordigo 2 is come. I just finished the game and had so much fun playing it. I am so sad it is over😭😭.please make swordigo 2 because the game is one of the best 2d platformers that I have played. Max coin collect value is 999, it’s not justice.

As you drop to just below the opening, use your jump to hop in there. Exit throught the gate, pick up the Second Shard of The Mageblade, then exit back to the Dungeon of Florennum. Drop down and go to the opening in the floor by the closed gate. It will be pushed over to activate the orb you can’t reach and stop the spikes.

Collegamenti Esterni

Must try for anyone that doesn’t usually play such games. Just challenging enough to get you stuck at some points and make you think of what to do next, but easy enough to be able to finish it eventually. The story is also simple and straightforward. When you have nothing to do, this is the perfect game for passing time.

  • As far as my opinion is, bombs strike & death city are the best adventure games for android offline.
  • Open it for treasure and a sack of exp.
  • The good news is that you can both be unique hanging around itself and outdo or outwit them inside the blink associated with an eye.
  • I like the idea of not restarting the whole level when you fail, cause it doesn’t kill the enjoyment on good parts because of hard parts.
  • I love just how much it remastered and even changed a lot of the stages.
  • Drop one more step and jump over to get the treasure.

It is most useful in attacking enemies at long range. This is particularly useful against stronger foes that deal heavy damage to the player. Some enemies may reflect the Magic Bolt. This spell can hurt the player if the player runs into the bolt. The Magic Sword, the second most powerful weapon in the game available to the character, is obtained after defeating the Skeleton Lord at the end of the Purplemoor Crypt.

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This challenges were very hard for me its impossible to win the game but hey these are fun and hard challenges. Its epic adventire story is too good. I advise those adventure lover players to definitely play or at least try this game. Its graphics are awesome in such a low size game. Its very exciting to find all stars and keys and defeating the enemies and Boss.

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