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The templates are arranged in ways that help you create animation-based stories. Creating animations has always been considered as a time-intensive activity that requires heavy software and technological expertise. However, over the past few years, the emergence of various online presentation and animation tools has simplified the process of creating animations. Animations can easily be changed, in contrast to traditional footage. This recorder enables you to capture your screen while at the same time recording yourself through a webcam.

After shooting a video with your smartphone, you may need to edit it for better quality and give it more awesomeness. In this category, we introduce four tools you can use to edit videos shot with your Android phone. Any Video Converter is free and well-equipped to handle most basic video conversion tasks. It supports almost any video file and retains high video quality. Another thing to note is that when installing the free version, you may be asked to allow additional software to be installed.

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Once you’ve upgraded, you can convert videos with no ads on them. Freemake supports 17 video formats, including AVI, MP4, and MOV. Wideo is an online itunes latest version video platform that allows users to create stunning presentations in a very simple way. The platform provides a variety of templates that you can use to create every kind of presentation you want (e-commerce, company guidelines, institutional explainers, etc.).

The trial version gives you all the features of the full software, including the video recording feature, but it limits the length of the videos you can convert to five minutes. Editing options include flip, merge, fisheye correction, trim, split, deshake, denoise, and more. Freemake also offers a free program, but adds a logo at the beginning and end of all videos. If you go to the Help tab and hit “Remove branding”, then you get the basic paid options.

The main difference between the two is that Photofox is a free download with a subscription required to unlock all its features, whereas regular Enlight is a one-time purchase with all tools available up front. Photofox will have more support and more features in the future, but for now either app will do the job just fine.

  • If you just got yourself an Android phone and are looking for an app that lets you touch up your photos, this list of best photo editors has you covered.
  • Affinity Photo provides lens corrections, noise reduction, and hot pixel removal, which is essential for RAW editing.
  • In terms of RAW photo editing, Affinity Photo’s big advantage is its ability to process very large files and to offer smooth zoom at 60 frames per second.
  • We selected three photos — a selfie, a shot of a hotel room, and a picture of a mountains — and ran them through each app to test out their editing prowess.

You can make a stylish image for your Instagram right on your phone while having lunch or going to work. For those, who like simplicity and user-friendliness paired up with efficient functionality, we recommend Visual Watermark.

Yes, it provides support for most RAW file formats and all the basic adjustments you need, but it also provides content-aware automatic adjustments. Its smart features and friendly interface have already convinced many professional photographers to become Skylum Ambassadors. We’re using the original version of Enlight for this tutorial, although you should be able to get the same results from its follow-up Enlight Photofox.

It provides a long list of features that allows you to edit your videos like a pro using a very user-friendly interface. The tool allows you to decide whether you want to record sound and web activity or not. You can make posters with inspirational quotes or calls-to-action for your social media, announce news or drive more traffic to your blog posts. You can create a thumbnail for your YouTube video with the help of Canva, for instance; you don’t even have to download it. Take a look at mobile text-editors, if you are always on the go.

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