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The best part is it’s compatible with all Windows versions from 10 to 8.1, 8, and 7 down to Windows XP and Vista. In other words, you can update slow drivers before they cause problems and affect your computer’s performance. i currently have the latest topping driver 4.86.0 and windows 10 only allows me to set 32bit 384khz with usb output.

This USB 3.0 flash drive is backward compatible with USB 2.0 tech and ports, while also sporting the best warranty in the business. Kingston directly offers a five-year warranty on each flash drive, and that’s nothing to scoff at.

However, the Samsung MUF-128AB/AM USB 3.1 Flash Drive is sleekly designed to stay prettily inserted into the system storing files and serving as a reliable back-up device. Have this remarkably compact device that gives off an unnoticeable, unified look on your desktop at all times.

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Storage – After all, what’s the point if you don’t have excellent storage? If you’re like us, you’re carrying around large files, photos and on-the-go editing tools for your site and work. A USB drive should never replace your HDD for storage, but with some of these, they’re large enough to be your digital home away from home. SanDisk is one of the top providers of USB flash drives and SD/MicroSD cards, no matter where you look. They’ve managed to stay on top due to their quality build, and attention to detail. This comes with 3.0 USB, but is also backwards compatible to 2.0, though keep in mind, your Mbps will drop as a result. Kingston was another one of those digital giants who carried on over into USB flash drives and made an absolute killing.

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This gets detected quickly, and gives you lightning fast access to your files. The SanDisk 128gb Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive comes in a simple compact form that would easily stay glued to your computer acting as a great backup and round the clock transfer agent. With the massive memory capacity, this flash carries on its brain, store a large number of pictures, videos and music files as well as work/school documents and personal files within a simple tap-tap operation. The flash is able to transfer files much quicker than a regular 2.0 Flash Drive; transferring files 15x quicker than standard USB devices, save less time transferring and more time using and enjoying content. You might have noticed just how small and portable this Samsung device is and how it seems quite easy to misplace.

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On the flip side, they’re not messing around with this low cost. PNY was that brand you saw on the shelves at Wal Mart or Staples, mulled it over, and decided to buy it anyway. Truth is, it was the underdog brand, but their attention to detail and desire to provide immeasurable quality really caught our eye. First of all, it’s got a killer read speed with the USB 3.0 connection, and comes completely backwards compatible with your 2.0 ports.

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Moreover, with Driver Booster, you can tap the full potential of your favorite PC game because it responsively shuts down unnecessary Windows services and background processes. , everything runs automatically so you can focus on other thing. With install spotify just one click, you can ensure that your drivers are updated to the newest version without system compromise.

There were a few reviews we saw with a DOA notice, each citing tha the warranty works like a charm. Samsung is another time-tested and trusted brand, specializing in all things electronic. It’s what brought us to this flash drive, and it fired on all cylinders. On average, you’re looking at maybe about 40 Mbps, which isn’t really getting you where you need to go.

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